"Our mission is workforce development solutions. As a community benefit organization, our call to action is helping to break the cycle of poverty and promoting prosperity for all Nevadans. "

- Denise Castle | Chief Executive Officer, JOIN Inc.


When you walk through our doors, we will do everything we can to help you achieve your goal. Don't take our word for it - learn from our partners and clients just how much JOIN has helped them.

Florencio Uribe

Savage Trucking

"I went to JOIN and asked if they could help me get my CDL. Then I met Julie (CTC). She gave me the book and then I started doing the permit."

Gaylene Rodriguez

Barrick Gold

"After a year and a half, I lost my job and I was unemployed for five months. That's a really long time when you're a single mom. So I went and saw Julie at JOIN and she had a fabulous program."

Chris Johnson

Minden-Tahoe Airport

"The nice thing about it was that through JOIN, they are covering his salary for the first 480 hours. So what that did for us is it allowed me to hire a full time and a part time position at the same time. It's a great program."

Austin Mize

Valley Joist

"JOIN helped me out to get into the welding industry like I wanted to. They hooked me up with a great job which changed my life around for the better."

Maverick Boney

Outwest Buildings

"I can drive in and out of California with my CDL now; it gave me a raise. JOIN changed my life for the better."

Craig Smith

Capital Glass

"There's really a lack of programs out there for glazers to go to. There's not really academies or schools that you can go to. That's a place where JOIN has really helped us tremendously."