For career seekers. For businesses. 

For Douglas County

JOIN Inc. is partnering with Douglas County through the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act to assist businesses and COVID-19 impacted career seekers from now through December 2020. 

Do you want a

new career path?

Learn & Earn

through JOIN Inc.

COVID-19 impacted career seekers can: engage in career exploration activities, receive tuition assistance for training programs, get on-the-job training in an industry of their choice and freshen up on digital and employability skills.


Do you need employees for your business?

Train & Get Reimbursed

through JOIN Inc.

Businesses interested in securing their own unique pipeline of employees are encouraged to participate in JOIN's "train and get reimbursed" method, which: places work-ready individuals in on-the-job training experiences and provides up to 100% salary reimbursement for those employees.


ACT NOW! JOIN Inc. is offering assistance through December 2020. Questions? Email