What our clients have to say
What has ProNet done for me? ProNet has helped me understand what it takes to stay professionally in touch. With the job searching techniques, I am competitive in the job market.
It's clear that I am coming to the right place because you have created a 'safe' atmosphere for those of us who are in transition in our lives.
I like the genuine concern and caring of the facilitators and staff.
[JOIN] gave me a step-by-step plan to follow in the job search process. [It] gives me a lot more confidence.
I now have the tools I need to pursue and obtain employment. Equally as important, I have an empathetic and supportive group of individuals to rely on.
Two years ago you put me thru truck driving school and I have now been working everyday since I graduated. I love my job & my life is great. I could not have improved my life like this without you. You folks do a wonderful job!
I would like to acknowledge the outstanding customer service I received from [my JOIN case manager]. She patiently explained how resumes are formatted to take advantage of one's experience to get the attention of a potential employer. I went home actually excited about creating my resume. Her encouraging remarks and critique when I returned, was so heartfelt she made me feel like a million bucks! Her sincere joy and pride in seeing that I had incorporated everything was very gratifying for me.
The ProNet training classes are by far the best I have attended. They have provided me with a knowledge and understanding of how to develop a game plan in finding employment and feeling confident as I go to an interview. The staff [was] a sounding board to discuss problems that arise while unemployed.
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