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JOIN, Inc. provides free, individual client services through an assigned Career Coordinator. This professional guides, coaches, and motivates each client in a confidential setting and maintains the client relationship from initial enrollment through the completion of career training and into employment.

JOIN, Inc.’s goal is to prepare each client to become gainfully employed in a skilled occupation that leads to a long-term career opportunity and financial security. JOIN, Inc.’s services are provided to individuals who are unemployed, receiving public assistance, dislocated due to a downsizing or a business closure, economically disadvantaged, out of school with or without out a diploma, veterans, or the disabled.

JOIN, Inc.’s free client services may include:

JOIN, Inc.’s ProNet Division

Visit the ProNet Website

Visit the ProNet Website

serves dislocated professionals seeking to reenter the workforce following a position elimination, company layoff, or the close of a business. Clients formerly in mid-to-senior level professional jobs are each assigned a Client Coordinator who focuses on career enhancements or new career opportunities and works with the business community to determine suitable employment opportunities.

Clients serve on volunteer committees to promote networking, job development, and business leads and to maintain regular interaction with one another.

General client meetings, held each Monday morning, feature locally-recognized presenters who address relevant topics and leadership skills.


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