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ProNet…a service of JOIN, Inc.

ProNet provides transition services for individuals previously employed in middle-to-senior level management positions who wish to return to their field of interest or gain the skills necessary to launch a new career. A layoff, downsizing, or a termination results in immediate eligibility for enrollment with ProNet.

ProNet is a unique service of JOIN, Inc. funded by the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act as administered by Nevadaworks. pronet_button_employerspronet_button_membersPre-employment counseling and career training courses are provided free of charge to eligible clients and are arranged to meet the individual needs of job-seekers.

Services include:

ProNet uploads client resumés on its website to provide employers with a wide selection of skilled and experienced candidates and regularly invites business and industry leaders, human resources executives and private search firms to share information regarding hiring trends, open positions, and career opportunities.pronet3
Employers regularly send updated employment announcements to ProNet and they have come to rely on the caliber of clients who benefit from ProNet’s career transition services.

ProNet’s Reno office offers a computer resource center designed for resumé preparation and dissemination and hosts weekly gatherings to promote client networking and informational workshops.

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