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  Question 1
What is JOIN?

Question 2
What kind of services does JOIN offer?

Question 3
How much does JOIN cost?

Question 4
How do I know if I can get help from JOIN?

Question 5
I've worked in management and professional occupations. Can I get help from JOIN?

Question 6
I'd like to get some training for a new career, but I can't afford it. Can JOIN help?

Question 7
I have a grant to get the training I need, but I need books. Can JOIN help?

Question 8
I don't live in any of the cities where JOIN has offices. Can I still get help?

Question 9
Will JOIN help me get my college degree?

Question 10
Where does JOIN get money to help people?

Question 11
I'd like to move to California for training. Can JOIN help pay for my move and training?

Question 12
How old do you have to be to get JOIN services?

Question 13
Is there a maximum age that JOIN serves?

Question 14
I have a disability. Can JOIN provide me with services?

Question 15
What other agencies or schools does JOIN work with?

Question 16
How much funding can each person get from JOIN?

Question 17
What kind of training can I get help with?

Question 18
Are there any qualifications required to get JOIN's help?

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