Our Branches

JOIN has eight branch offices across northern Nevada: Carson City, Elko, Ely, Fallon, Fernley, ProNet, Reno and Winnemucca. No two branches are exactly alike. In keeping with JOIN's philosophy of having local people deliver local services to meet local needs, each office develops programs and provides services that reflect the business needs of local employers and the training needs of local citizens.

Each branch office offers a range of training opportunities, educational programs, employment preparation classes and job-seeking aids. JOIN staff draw upon community resources and their knowledge of the local labor market to help people put together a plan to reach their training and employment goals. Each individual's needs determine that plan and the services provided to meet their goals.

Most JOIN offices have been in their communities for over 25 years. The people who staff them are local residents who know the community and their fellow citizens. Clients in each office reflect the make-up of the community: teenagers; senior citizens; high school dropouts; college students; tradesmen; professionals; mothers re-entering the labor market; seniors looking for part-time employment; individuals receiving Welfare and people who have recently lost long-term jobs. Essentially, JOIN serves anyone who needs help getting or keeping a job.

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