About JOIN, Inc.

JOIN, Inc. is a workforce development agency. It supports the individuals and businesses making up the labor markets in our communities and surrounding areas. JOIN arranges and provides training, occupational and educational, for individuals to increase their self-sufficiency and make them good candidates for hiring by local businesses.

JOIN focuses on each individual client's specific goal and needs and then arranges the appropriate training to reach the goal. JOIN provides broad-based employment services that use community resources to serve a wide variety of clients. We bringing together people who are having difficulty finding or keeping employment and the resources to achieve their goals.

JOIN's approach to working with clients
is adaptable to both individual and community needs and opportunities,
incorporates personal support for clients,
emphasizes training in preparation for jobs in the local economy,
gives hope to clients that the right job for them is out there and they can get the skills needed for that job;
provides work-based training to connect clients with employers, and
incorporates incentives for employers to hire JOIN clients.

JOIN develops programs, often in partnership with other agencies, if there is a gap in services in a community. However, our preference is to use existing local services whenever possible. JOIN's intent, simply put, is to address the individual employment concerns of people who need help finding work.

Did you know?
JOIN can help you
get your GED or
Adult Diploma.
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